Wool Week – Why Choose a Mattress With Wool Fillings?

Monday 10th October marked the start of Wool Week in the UK, so this week we’re celebrating this versatile and unique natural filling which helps to make our mattresses so special. Wool Week, organised by The Campaign for Wool, is dedicated to educating consumers about the natural, renewable, unique and biodegradable benefits offered by the fibre. But why wool fillings in beds?

Here at Somnus we champion the use of this fantastic material. Deep beyond the soft cover of every quality mattress we make, lies a unique blend of luxurious upholstery fillings, including layers of the finest Eco Wool, some of which even comes from the sheep lovingly reared on our local Yorkshire farm. Wool has countless properties which make it the perfect component to fill your mattress.


So, why should you choose a mattress with wool fillings?

Stay Warm in the Winter, Cool in the Summer

Wool regulates the body’s temperature naturally through its natural breathability, insulation and moisture-wicking properties. As a hygroscopic fibre, tiny pockets of air form when the fibres are packed together, making it exceptional at absorbing water molecules, while retaining its thermal efficiency. This way it keeps you cool and fresh throughout the night.

Breathe Easier

Do you suffer from allergies? Wool is anti-bacterial and can trap floating dust, helping you breathe – and sleep – easier. Additionally, wool is inherently fire-retardant; this means that no allergy-inducing chemicals need to be added to a Somnus bed.

Easier On The Environment

Biodegradable, renewable, sustainable – wool fillings is the natural choice when it comes to the environment. It is a renewable resource; every year sheep create a new fleece and is fully recyclable at the end of your mattresses’ life. Some of our wool comes from the flock of 600 sheep on our 300-acre Yorkshire farm, which is less than 20 miles away from our manufacturing facility. We strive to source all our other wool close to home, formulating a traceable and low carbon foot print.

Perfect Blending Companion

Wool makes the perfect company for Somnus’ other natural fillings. Easily blended, wool helps to create supportive and sumptuous layers to fill your mattress. Hand-teased horsehair, tree silk-cotton, mohair, flax and hemp, are just some of the luxurious fillings that we use with our wool to create a perfectly natural night’s sleep.

Naturally Supportive

“Wool fibres resist tearing and are able to be bent back on themselves over 20,000 times without breaking.” Campaign for Wool. Although wool is soft to touch, the natural crimp of it helps the fibre to keep its shape, meaning your mattress remains naturally supportive and diminishes any dips by springing back into shape. _20A1061

Discover the other natural fillings used in Somnus mattresses and meet the sheep that provide their genius wool here.

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