The Somnus Marque

The Somnus marque is a core element of the brand’s identity and is a visual representation of the quality of a Somnus bed. Each of the six arms on the marque represents the different stages of quality assurance involved in crafting each and every Somnus mattresses. So when you see the Somnus marque, you can rest assured knowing that your bed has been handcrafted with the greatest care and attention.

Our team use their traditional craftsmanship skills to produce a superior level of comfort in every one of our bespoke beds. The attention to detail is second to none. From the fine workmanship and skillful hand side-stitching involved in creating our high-end mattresses, to the latest in pocket spring technology, every part of a Somnus bed is made right here by us.

Unlike most other beds on the market, a Somnus bed is not simply assembled, it’s carefully hand constructed by our skilled craftsmen to your bespoke needs. Our luxurious natural fillings, some of which are sourced from our local farm,  are hand blended and teased using traditional methods. These fillings provide you with the breathability that keeps you cool and dry in bed.  The hand-stitched sides bring you additional stability and offer full support, whatever your sleeping patterns, so you can sleep easy on a Somnus bed.

sewing the mattress border




Side stitching the border




layering the springs and fillings into the mattress








Tape edging




final quality check




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