Registering Your Somnus Guarantee

If you have recently purchased a Somnus bed, we hope that you are enjoying many restful nights on it.

When your bed was delivered, you will have received a Care Guide booklet, giving you instructions on how to look after your new mattress as well as details on how to register your Somnus guarantee online on the Register Your Bed page of our website. 

One of the fields on the Somnus guarantee asks what the first six digits of the barcode on the quality assurance label are. It may be quite difficult to find this label if you don’t know where to look.

Where to find the quality assurance label on a Somnus bed:

The quality assurance label can be found sewn into the border of the mattress. Look for the seam where the border is stitched together – it will be found at the head/foot end of the mattress.

Somnus Quality Assurance Label
Somnus Quality Assurance Label

What to look for on the quality assurance label:

You will see a number of signatures on the label. Each signature on this label is your assurance of excellence, that the bed has passed rigorous quality control procedures at each stage of the manufacturing process.

On the back of the quality label, you will see a small sticker with a barcode on it. Underneath this barcode will be a 13 digit number, with the last seven digits being 1001001.

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Barcode on the Back of the Quality Assurance Label


Please note down the first six digits of this number in the relevant field on the guarantee form. Using this photo as an example, you would note down ‘078207’. This number is unique to your bed and helps us in the unlikely event of a defect with the construction or materials.

Your guarantee is still valid without providing this information

Please do not worry if you cannot find this label/sticker or if you mattress has already been assembled and it is too heavy to move. Your guarantee will still be valid without this information.

To register your Somnus guarantee online, please visit Register Your Bed.

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