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The Lambs are Here…

Somnus places great value on protecting the natural environment which is why we grow some of our own natural bed fillings on the Harrison Spinks farm, which is situated in Yorkshire, only 18…

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DIVA Wohnen

Wir freuen uns über die beigefügte Virtus-Darstellung in der neuen DIVA Wohnen. Ein kleines Beispiel vieler Möglichkeiten!    

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New Bed, New You?

Spring is officially upon us, which means National Spring Cleaning Week has struck! Spring is a season of rejuvenation, a way to start things over after the long and hardy winter season…

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IMM Cologne Visit 2017

January saw the Somnus Export team return once again to IMM Cologne for the sixth consecutive year. IMM Cologne is considered a prestigious show, and regarded as Europe’s leading trade exhibition in…

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Trend Watch: Chroma

As 2017 arrives, it brings with it a wave of new trends expected to hit our interiors. In 2016 a host of  themes swept our homes, from Burnt Orange and Amazonia to a Deep Sea…

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