Caring for you Somnus Mattress

Once your have got your innovative Somnus bed delivered, it’s recommended that you continue caring for your mattress by following our care advice. Ensuring you get the best out of your mattress over its life time and maintain a superior level of sleep. Your Somnus mattress contains layers of sumptuous natural fillings, encased in a soft luxurious cover, so it is important to take care of it to prolong its life time.

Mattress Protection:

We highly recommend protecting your mattress with a mattress protector, preferably not a plastic one as this can cause damage through condensation. Airing your mattress by leaving your bed linen pulled back is a good idea, to let your mattress ‘breathe’.


Eradicate dust and fluff from you mattress every few months by using a soft brush, and make sure never to use a vacuum as this can displace the perfectly placed natural fillings. Any spillages should be sorted with a dry cloth, paper towel, or if need be a sponge with a very mild solution of soap and water.


Body Impressions:

After purchasing your mattress you may notice it will start to mould to your body shape, this is just your mattress “getting to know you” and is completely fine. To help your natural fillings settle more easily, follow our turning and rotating instructions.

Turning and rotating:

Turning your mattress is considered as part of your caring regime – turning and rotating your mattress will help your fillings settle. Our Supremacy, Dales and Veritas turnable mattresses benefit from being turned twice a year, however in the first 12 weeks we recommend turning  it two or three times to make sure all the filings settle evenly.

Our i_TUFT mattresses have been designed so no turning is necessary, however we advise you spin your mattresses every month to refresh the sleeping surface for the first 12 weeks of owning it – and then twice a year after that.

Turning 1Rotating 1


We intentionally make our pocket spring mattresses shorter than the base of a bed to allow for the thickness of a headboard and bedding. Whilst being transported some mattresses may contract, but they will relax to their normal length again once you’ve slept on it for a few weeks.

Bed base:

In order to ensure your Somnus mattress stays in the best quality, it’s important that the base of your bed is in good condition. The mattress will contour to your base, just as it does with your body, so we recommend replacing an old base, especially if it is damaged in any way, as it could be detrimental to your mattress. If the gaps between your slatted base are more than 75mm, you should consider a base board. If in any doubt, seek advice from your nearest Somnus Sleep Studio.

Caring for your mattress is easy if you know how – and is essential to maintaining a perfect sleep sanctuary, night after night.

And don’t forget to activate your 7 year guarantee by registering your bed here

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