Superior Springs.

Introducing Sensa Intelligent Pocket Springs


Intelligence is the Operative Word

Technological innovation is paramount to us at Somnus. It led to our invention of the double-tiered spring system back in 1924, a world first, and is what has driven us to the latest piece of innovation at the heart of our luxury beds: the Sensa Intelligent pocket spring system.

This innovative technology used in our pocket spring mattresses helps distribute the sleeper’s weight across a higher number of independent springs, ensuring you always maintain the perfect sleeping posture. The pocket springs help support your body more evenly and reduce pressure points, providing a more restful sleep.

springs for Somnus pocket spring mattresses

Before we begin to make our high performance pocket springs, we make the wire that goes into them at our own on-site wire drawing facility in Leeds. We start with steel rods and draw them into fine wire of different diameters. This makes our pocket springs lighter and more durable so that we can use up to 4,000 of them in each layer.

Sustainable Support

Our latest pocket spring innovation builds on our desire to develop ever more sustainable and natural sleeping environments. NatureCoil is a weldable, 100% plant based pocket for our springs. It is a green alternative to other pockets and just one of many eco-innovations to come.

Ensuring Excellence

We also have a state of the art lab, where we carry out rigorous testing to ensure the strength and durability of our pocket spring mattresses, making sure we only ever create the best quality beds and mattresses. All testing is carried out in-house to the highest British and European standards.

Testing Somnus pocket spring mattresses