Sumptuous By Nature.

Introducing the most luxurious 100% natural fillings

Nature is one of the most important contributors to a Somnus bed and we go to great lengths to find the right natural materials for our luxury mattresses to create a perfectly natural night’s sleep.

Deep beyond the soft cover, each quality mattress has its own unique blend of luxurious upholstery fillings. There are sumptuous layers of Yorkshire Dales Eco Wool, hand-teased long stranded horsetail, mohair, tree silk-cotton, cashmere, flax and hemp, some of which we grow on our own farm. These 100% natural fillings are known for their inherent resilience, breathability and temperature controlling properties, creating the perfect natural sleeping environment.


Sheep Experts. Sleep Designers

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, growing our own resources locally and sourcing others close to home. We have our own farm in North Yorkshire, where we tend a very special flock of sheep and alpacas that are behind the Yorkshire Dales Eco Wool and alpaca fleece that you’ll find inside our Somnus beds.

We also grow the flax and hemp crops on our Yorkshire farm, which are layered into our sumptuous mattresses. It is a sustainable approach that guarantees our blend of upholstery is always 100% natural, ensuring supreme breathability and temperature control.